April 17, Sermon Uploaded

Hello Bridge Family! I’m excited to say that yesterday’s sermon has been uploaded to our “Sermons” page! You can click this link to see it, and I do hope you are encouraged to share it.

On another note, I just finished an afternoon presentation on the benefits of energizing the positive. I thought it was particularly powerful and think you might try it at home, at work, or in the community. It works like this; we could always point out what went wrong, how bad things are, what a mess that person made, and especially how poor their behavior is, but unfortunately, that kind of negative energy, often only puts up walls, causes division, pain, and alienation. In fact, in Christian terms, that would be like incarnating or encouraging, giving life to the anti Christ!

Beautiful smiling cute babyThe Christian approach to dealing with setbacks, difficulty, and struggles is to pray for our persecutors, turn a cheek to one who has wronged  us, and to love our enemies! (MT 5:43-48) More than just that even, is that we need to always point out the positive in ourselves, in others, in our circumstances, and in the world! We’re always optimistic, always encouraging, always finding God and goodness in every person and situation. This is energizing the good–yes, pointing toward and giving emphasis to God. We need to ever pursue and point out God–goodness, truth, honesty, integrity, and mercy–whenever and wherever we can.

So as you go through this week, be mindful that evil does exist, but don’t give it any attention or energy. Instead, remain positive, use encouraging words, and walk with God at every moment of the day, giving thanks always for the blessings. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) We are a resurrected people who live without fear or anger or any such thing. We’re on team Jesus, and that means being courageous and life-giving.

They told us today that this new approach to education is called “The Nurtured Heart Approach.” I thought, that’s not the Nurtured Heart Approach, it’s the path of Christian discipleship for one who has found love, acceptance, and new life in Christ Jesus, our Lord! Can I get an Amen?


2 thoughts on “April 17, Sermon Uploaded

  1. Thanks Steve for sharing these inspiring thoughts! I agree that “the Nurtured Heart Approach” is the approach Christ used as the example of how we should each live. Still, as I face worries and challenges, I need to remember the good in things and share that with those I encounter.


    1. Thanks for the witness! It’s the everyday battle toward greater holiness that alone helps us to see with God’s eyes the beauty in all of his creation. I’ll join you on the journey!


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