June 12 Sermon Posted!

Hello Bridge Family,

I’m happy to say that yesterday’s message is now posted! You can click here to go to the sermon’s page and see it. Thank you to everyone who helped out with our Outreach Sunday message, Love For Christ’s Sake! I always enjoy the “extra” that we do on those special occasions. There’s so much energy, community, and life at The Bridge. Thank you to everyone who stuck around to fellowship with one another as well. Those types of events are very important to building us up in Christ Jesus.

You’ll also notice that we now have a completed fence running along the east side of The Bridge property. Yeah! Please thank Rod for his leadership on this, and if you can, please consider making a love offering to cover the costs. I believe the total is somewhere in the $400 range and if EVERYONE gives a little then no one will have to give a lot. We were very frugal in designing and building so as to be good stewards, so please consider helping a bit with the cost. I’ll be building the gate this week and I’ll put it up on Sunday.

I pray that you have a blessed week!


Pastor Steve

One thought on “June 12 Sermon Posted!

  1. My leadership consisted of saying ‘we needed a fence’. Steve,with the help of his wife Jill, did the rest. He is carrying this Christlikeness (carpentry) to a greater level!


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