Advent Begins!

Dear Bridge Family, let me first say how thankful I am for all the support, energy, and enthusiasm for what The Bridge is doing and where it is going. Please continue to pray and hope big, and share the great things The Bridge is doing.

This past Sunday, we began our new liturgical year (church year), that begins on the first Sunday of Advent, and ends with the celebration of Jesus Christ Lord of the Universe! We begin this Liturgical Year in Cycle A, which takes a closer look at the life and teachings of Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew. As always, if you want to look at and reflect on the readings for the day ahead of time, please just go to the calendar and click on that particular Sunday. Also, on that calendar will be who is preaching, when we have our youth Bible studies, and any other events that are important to The Bridge family.

Finally, this past Sunday’s sermon has been uploaded and is ready to view. Click here to visit our sermon’s page. You can also access archived sermons there as well. If you go to the archives, feel free to subscribe to The Bridge YouTube channel.

May God bless you mightily this week. Don’t forget that we are in intense training mode! Get started!

Blessings, Pastor Steve

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