Two Sermons Uploaded!

Hello Bridge Family and Friends! It was very good to be with all of you after being gone for so long! I had a great time rooting on my son, Luke, as he took 6th in the state at his level and age. Below is his Level 4 state routine on the rings.

Also, it was great to run the Modesto 1/2 marathon Sunday before last. I’m not sure how all of this ended up right in March, but there you have it! My goal was to finish the 1/2 marathon in less than 2 hrs, as I had not trained at all for it. Having said that, 2:04 is nothing to complain about. Thanks for all your prayers!

Finally, it came to my attention that although I recorded my sermon, “On the Outside Looking In,” from a few weeks ago, I never uploaded it and posted it! Yikes! Here are both the forgotten sermon and yesterday’s sermon below. Don’t forget you can always go to our “Sermons Page” to check out and even share the latest sermon. You can also use the YouTube link to go to The Bridge’s Sermon Archives.

February 26 Sermon – On the Inside

March 26 Sermon – Not Worth Spit


Have a great week. See you on Sunday!

Pastor Steve

2 thoughts on “Two Sermons Uploaded!

  1. Thanks Steve. I look forward to hearing the sermons – Rod told me about yesterday’s and said it was really good.

    Those rings Luke is performing on look pretty high – very impressive! Good job Lune!

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