Bridge Logo Survey

Hello Bridge Members and Friends! A huge thank you to Justyn Webb for doing these initial designs for The Bridge logo. Attached below, you will find a pdf. with 9 logos. Please look at them carefully, decide which logos you like the best, and rank your top 3 (by page number) in the comments section below. If there is something that is missing, or that you would like to see, please feel free to add comment. See the example I have provided below. We will look over the results at the next leadership meeting. Thanks so much! See you this Sunday for “Palm/Passion Sunday” and then on Easter Sunday!

Bridge Logos

Comments Section Example:

Rank: #1 p.9, #2 p.4, #3 p.6. I really liked the look of the sun in page 7 and think it would look great if combined with page 9.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Bridge Logo Survey

  1. Bridge Logos:
    #1 p. 7, this logo with the font from p.9; #2, p. 9 as is; #3 p. 1 with the river and font from p.9


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