Oh, the Weeds!

Weeds.pngI pray all is well with The Bridge family and friends! I am excited to share this past Sunday’s sermon, Oh the Weeds! This sermon looks closely at Jesus’ approach to dealing with sin and brokenness in the community.

Jesus asks us to first take a look in the mirror and address our own weaknesses and deficiencies, and reminds us that He is at work in all people all the time. The disciples are eager to uproot “the weeds” in the Lord’s garden, but Jesus desires that all people come to a knowledge of God and spend eternity with Him. By pulling up “weeds,” we may unintentionally pull up some wheat! Jesus reminds us that in every community there will be weeds among the wheat. He will deal with the weeds at the end of time. Our job, in the mean time, is to love–not judge! Wouldn’t we be pleased to discover a transformation of the weeds into wheat by the power and grace of the LORD! Watch the sermon below, and share it with friends.


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