September 3 sermon is up!

Hey there everyone! The September 3 sermon is now online, and below is some good news from the Philippines. Please click here for this past Sunday’s sermon, and read below for the great work Peter Cowles is doing! Below are some excerpts and pictures from an E-mail that Rod passed on to me.

From Peter:

DSC_0033.JPGThanks for passing on the Treasure Principle. It is a book that really changed my outlook on things here on earth. I love his other books too and have listened to many of his sermons on YouTube.

We have the basic infrastructure in place as to vehicles, places to store things, drivers, etc. We have three trained pastors on our team who do a lot of the spiritual work.  They also drive and are in the middle of things. What we need to add is an additional team of people but likely would do incrementally.

1. Our first need is to add another general person DSC_0047.JPGwho can help in the office to free up Girlie (our social worker/office manager/compliance manager) so she can get out into the field more days and meet with families.  Girlie is wearing 3 hats and balancing things but is too valuable to be in the office 3 days a week.  Please pray for Gary (our RN) and Girlie as she just experienced a miscarriage at seven weeks.

The cost for a general worker who would be doing bookkeeping and also assisting in other ministries is about 250 a month, with required benefits. We also need to find someone who has a driver’s license and can run errands.  This need is within the next 3-4 months.

2. Our second step would be to add an additional medical person, likely a registered nurse.  The cost of that would be around 350 a month with required benefits.  We also need to find someone with a driver’s license.   This need is seven months or so away but could come faster.  Things appear to be accelerating.

3. DSC_0010Our third step would be to create a field oriented Ex. Director (Filipino).  That is probably 2-3 years away.  We are starting to look at a organization without me at the helm here, so I can do more fundraising in the USA  and to set up things for the future. We raise 2/3 of our funds in the six weeks I am in the USA each year.  I spoke 40 times this round in various settings and in three states and need to spread that out a bit. Our USA board members are also very active and do fundraising now.  I also need to write more grants.  We have been remarkably blessed by grants. We have applied for 20 grants and have received 19 of them, over the past six years.  We just received another one for prosthetic cases for $150 per case. Small grant but can be increased.  We asked for only 12 cases as that is what we can currently handle in the next 12 months, one per month.

We have very few monthly supporters (about 18 of them) , such as you and the Bridge.  God always provides but would be good to have more monthly donors.  Realistically, when we run short, I also kick in extra beyond our regular giving of $1,000 per month. We also support our personal expenses, travel, etc. It is a blessing to know what funds are predicted each month.

I am 63 now and have asked God for seven more solid years here.  Lots of energy still.  DSC_0053Seven years seems a long time away but need to think about it. If I can go until 75 or 80, that would be a blessing.

This is the plan we have been reviewing with our Board in the USA.  We also are prayerfully seeking younger board members to bring along for the future.  Ideally some in their 30’s and 40’s.  We just added one from TN who is 47.  He is our youngest Board member.  If you know of any in CA, looking for some candidates.

Grateful for your prayers and support for what God is doing here. Probably gave you more info than you asked for but wanted to give you the “bigger picture” view of things.


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