September 24 Sermon is up!

Hi Everyone. If you were unable to make it to The Bridge this past Sunday (because you may or may not have been on a beach in Hawaii), you can still catch Sunday’s sermon, Justice and Generosity. In the parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, Jesus teaches us a lot about God and a lot about our human nature too. He tells us that God is always seeking men and women to enter His kingdom to get to work for Him, that He is a God who gives a personal invitation, and that some enter His kingdom early while still others only come at a much later hour.

Regardless of when the worker enters the Kingdom (vineyard), the reward is the same. There is no distinction made by God. To each the same reward is given! Eternal glory for all who believe. This, of course, does not sit well with some who want earnestly for God to show them some particular favor, but God will have none of it. God gives to each what is their due–and to some he gives MORE than their due! God is just and generous. He never gives us less than we rate, but he always finds a way to be generous with us. We should be just and generous too. We should work hard to give people what is theirs, and try to find creative ways to go beyond what is due and to be generous as well!

Have a blessed week. See you Sunday.

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