Seeds of Dignity

It was an exciting sight to see 70 boats lined up on one beach at the same time in Palompon, Leyte

Seeds of Dignity Ministries

October 23, 2017

Dear Rod and Susan, seventy families came together on a beach in Palompon, Leyte on October 7th, to worship God and praise Him for livelihood provision for their families. It was quite a sight to see the boats stretched out over 450 meters of the beach, as they parked for the third annual boat reunion. Many visitors joined the very festive celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness. As part of the reunion, five new boats were dedicated and put into service. 
We are very grateful. God has grown this project from one boat in August of 2014, to seventy boats, with two more on order. Many of the boats bear names of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and friends or reflect a special message from the donors. Twenty-seven of the boats are in partnership with Global Impact Philippines. Sponsors for the boats are allowed to provide a name for the boat, which is then painted on the side of the boat. 
The price of a boat is $550 USD, inclusive of all components. Maintenance is assured for the boats based on a four-year agreement and the setting aside of maintenance fees on a weekly basis by each boat recipient. A well maintained boat should last more than 12-15 years. and provides a steady income and means of transportation for the families. 
What a privilege it was to be a witness of a dignity based program in action.. The hard working fishermen and their families are so proud to have their own boats and to be able to provide for their families, especially after so many calamity events. We continue to be grateful for the awesome job Pastor Jonas and Disserie Lisbe are doing in the management of this and the putput livelihood project. Soon, we will have 110 families who are blessed by God with sustainable livelihood. 
All for God’s Glory,
Peter Cowles


Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc.

Seeds of Dignity Ministries – Mindanao, Inc.

For those who are considering making a donation for a boat or putput for the Christmas season, donations can be sent to:

Seeds of Dignity Ministries

17076 Carriage Road

Sonora, CA 95370

The cost for a boat is $550 USD. A putput bicycle taxi is $350 USD. Donations received from US based donors are tax deductible. Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) approved charity organization.

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