Pastor Weiner and the band visiting from Brazil.
Pastor Weiner and the band visiting from Brazil.

We believe in local and global Missions.

When we 1st bought The Casa we named it Community Casa so our community would know that The Bridge is here to be a platform of resources in response to the challenges of our community.

However, we have also, through the years, engaged in International Missionary work.

One of our first international missions was to China where a group of Basketball players went to share Christ, through words but by the example of their life.

In the last few years we have embraced two missionary efforts.

One is led by our former Financial Secretary, Peter Cowles and his wife Pellen; Seeds of Dignity in the Philippines. Seeds of Dignity

The Mosaic Band during our presentation at a Health Fair in a little Town called Santana do Deserto, 2 hours driving from where we live.

And the other, Project Brazil, was started and is led by our former Pastor, Wainer, and his wife Magui Guimarães, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Arts of Social Transformation